RollerbladingSydney - Learn to rollerblade / inline skate in Sydney, Australia.
 Welcome to Rollerblading Sydney (online-only) Shopping

We have partnered with Sk8shop to get you some great looking inline skates with FREE SHIPPING - when you click through to their website select 'More Payment Options' and enter the DISCOUNT code ROLLERBLADING2020 (yes.... I know that it is now the year 2021 - but just put the old ROLLERBLADING2020 code in!) and once you have finalised a purchase feel free to screenshot and send it to 0411872022.
Powerslide Phuzion Galaxy i girls inline skatesPowerslide Phuzion Galaxy i boys inline skatesPowerslide Inline Skates
The skates are sold online only. But remember - we are ready to teach you how to rollerblade once you have skates. Remember our focus is TEACHING SKATING. If you don't wish to buy inline skates and only wish to learn how to rollerblade - we can provide some inline skates for your lesson at no extra cost so you DON'T necessarily have to OWN skates to get lessons.

If you are looking for rollerskates (quads) check out our sister website skate school business Rollerskating Sydney.

I sincerely apologise for the limited numbers of skate sizes available currently (but I won't bore you about COVID19, sales supply-and-demand, import delays, etc).

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